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One of the biggest pains of a new phone is leaving behind important stuff on your old phone. With Migrate, you can move the most important content from your old to your new phone in just a few steps, wirelessly. Motorola Migrate transfers from Android (2.2 + above) and iPhone (via iCloud) to Moto X, Moto G, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini and Droid Ultra.

The huge challenge of this project was the fact that people don’t necessarily understand where their data lives or how it is structured, nor should they be required to do so. Additionally, people don’t usually operate 2 devices at once. We definitely kept these things in mind when designing the product’s visuals and interaction by defining the following principals: use as few steps as possible, make easy decisions for the user, and provide clear instruction.

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Lead Design, Interaction

Project Included

Android, iOS, Mobile Web





Experience Maps

Because of the complexity of phone migration, purchase cycle, etc. we
created some experience maps to help us it all break down. This really
helped us when it came to making important decisions about our app.

Quotes From Google Play

Our customers had a lot of really nice things to say about our app!

Awesome Transfered all of my pictures, messages, app, music without any problems.

User 1

Never been so amazed by any app this much, greatest app ever!! From me 10 stars such incredible app.

User 2

...I am a technical support manager for a big 4 cell phone provider and this is the easiest solution I have ever seen to this issue.

User 3

Works wonders As a Verizon sales rep, I use this many times a day. Nothing works better!

User 4

Parts 'n Pieces

Here are some UI elements – we had to be careful with our color
choices and our messaging had to be extremely explicit and clear,
so we wouldn’t confuse the user. Migration is an abstract concept.


Here is an example of a flow section. We started with the whiteboard on the right,
and iterated into a document later on. This helps us work fast.


Check out Migrate in action.

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