Maytag Rebranding

We re-branded Maytag – got the brand a new repairman, and with that, some cool commercials and a new website. There are quite a few cool features on this site, but the best I think are the horizontal navigation system with built in video, and the use of 3d renders instead of photography.


Art Director

Project Included

Design, Technical Art Direction, Production


Technical Art Direction

Maytag BravosX AR

Before Google Glass – there were QR codes and 3d models. For a trade show, I was approached to come up with fun concepts for Maytag’s new Bravos X washer and dryer pair. Originally, I was thinking we could get some special VR glasses and camera, and have the user simply look at a QR code sticker on an actual washer or dryer to see a 3d video super imposed over the object. Obviously my idea was a little too ambitious and was paired down, but my clients and I still think the results were pretty cool.

Maytag Ad Storyboards

This is an example of the AR unit used in a banner ad.

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