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Hi! My name is Kristin Gray.

I make cool things.


01/2003 – 05/2005

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
BFA: Visual Communications, Art & Tech


03/2015 – Present


UX Design Lead and Design Manager

Notable Projects

Pixel Handsets

UX Lead for physical hardware innovation and interaction space including Battery, Power, Thermals, Touch controls, Display, Connectivity, Sound, Sensors, Health, Form Factors, Biometrics, and Authentication. Launches included the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Fold, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro.

Fuchsia OS

UX Team Lead for Developer Experiences for Fuchsia OS. Lead and designed engineering centric tools for operating systems development and release including in-fleet management and migration of operating systems. Tools included CLI, logging, debugging, metrics, and systems recovery for Google Nest Home Hub devices.

Android Things

UX Team Lead for development tools and Android Things product consumer experience devices. Lead and designed engineering centric tools used for operating systems development, 3rd party integration, factory tools, and fleet management. Design lead for Android Things/Lenovo Smart Things Alarm Clock.

2018 Google IO presenter: Building Products with Android Things


Contextual Triggering of Assistive Functions
Area: Machine Learning

09/2010 – Present

Motorola Mobility

End to end UX and Visual Design on flagship projects ranging from overarching framework and branding projects to detail-oriented usability for on-screen keyboards and screen optimizations. Worked closely with Google,  ATAP, and engineering work partners to deliver innovative experiences, focusing on user-centered design. IP Ambassador for CXD. Responsibilities include concepting, ideation, flows, experience maps, wireframes, visual design, animation, rapid prototyping and simulations, production, and specs.

Notable Projects

Motorola Migrate

UX Owner for Motorola Migrate. Responsible for end to end UX for both client device and host device, receiving over 17,176 5 star reviews and a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store.   This app transfers data from an old device  to a new Moto Device (G, Droid Ultra products, or X). Also features iCloud migration to support iPhone users.

Input methods

Optimization for device size, device weight, hand size and thumb arch relying heavily on human factors and usability studies.  Available on Moto’s pre-Jellybean Android devices.

Framework/Design Language

Created Motorola’s design language including visual elements, animation, and interaction while still balancing documentation, stock Android adherence, carrier needs, and maintenance.


Sole Inventor – Recognizing Accented Speech
Area: Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing

Co-InventorAdaptive Detection of User Proximity
Area: Display/Sensor Technology

03/2008 – 09/2010

Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett

Responsible for art direction, concepting and executing campaigns and brand websites. Also provided light web development, banner ads, and facebook campaigns.

Notable Projects Site Redesign/Online Marketing Campaign

Art direction, concepting, pitch work and production, on and accompanying online ad campaign that more than doubled site traffic after launch, increased repeat visitors by 31%, and increased “Email a friend” shares by 171%.

Whirlpool Vantage

Art direction, photoshoot direction, animation, of microsite for Whirlpool Vantage Site Design

Art direction, interaction of co-branded effort between Maytag and Home Depot.

Awards Redesign
• AD:TECH Limelight Award Best B2C Marketing Website
• IAC Outstanding Website
• District ADDY Awards Silver

Amana Brand Awareness
• IAC Outstanding Integrated Ad Campaign

Amana Color Illusions
• WebAward Outstanding Website

Whirlpool Cabrio Microsite
• WebAward Outstanding Website

10/2006 – 02/2008

Responsible for designing and coding various interactive projects and developing style guides.

Notable Projects

HP Flickr Mosaic

Flash and interaction design support, under both and Goodby

Ulta Beauty Is Evolving

Designed and animated flash modules, emails, banner ads, set files up for production and engineering spec for online branding refresh and accompanying microsite.

Production, spec and module design for

2002 – 2006

Heritage YMCA Group

Assistant coach of the 240 member Progressive Porpoise Swim Team, leading the intermediate group. Directed several pre-season swim clinics. Also managed other swim instructors and coordinated swim lessons. Upheld high YMCA swimming standards and instructed all levels of lessons, from preschool to advanced stroke technique. Attained Level 2 ASCA education, and ASCA membership.

Notable Projects

Pre-season Stroke Clinician

Coached several annual stroke clinics at local pools to help age group swimmers develop proper stroke technique.

Special Needs Students

Taught special needs students proper stroke technique and water safety skills.

State Qualifiers

Helped drive first State-meet bound team in recent history.  Coached several swimmers who achieved top-ten state times.

Fun facts

Sure – I work hard, but I play hard too. I’m an avid surfer and swimmer, I’m a Jazz musician, and when I can, I like to volunteer or even participate in hackathons.

Here’s some crazy fun stuff I’ve done over the years

Tapia Hackathon Mobile Track Lead

I organized and led the mobile hackathon track at the 2014 Tapia conference in Seattle.

Alcatraz Invitational: 2nd Place in 19-29 Age Group

I got on a boat with 800 other crazy people, sailed to Alcatraz, and swam back… in 32 minutes and some change.

Surfing Pioneer

Competed in Sloated, the first ever female only surf competition at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Real Life Rollercoaster Tycoon

I’ve ridden every single rollercoaster in California, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. My dream is to ride them all.